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Following are the Service provided by Khadki Cantonment Board
  1. Roads
  2. Hospital
  3. Education
  4. Sanitation
  5. Water Supply
  6. Street Light
  7. Public Safety
  8. Drains & Sewerage
  9. Marriage Registration
  10. Dissemination
  11. Others
The total length of roads in the Cantonment area is 39.15 Kms. These are maintained by different agencies as per details given below :-
Most of the Cantonment Board roads are well maintained and an amount of Rs.2 to 3 crore is spent by the Board annually on road maintenance. There has, however, been a persistent demand from the public for the Board to maintain some important roads which though belonging to the MES are used as public roads such as Mula Road, Bombay-Pune-Highway, Nehru Road, Park Road etc. It is, therefore, proposed to take up the maintenance & repair of such roads (with no objection from the respective/concerned authorities and sanction of the GOC-in-C). In this connection, necessary provision in the Revised Budget Estimate has been made accordingly.
In addition to the above Cantonment Board has provided and maintaining the footpaths on all major roads irrespective of the ownership of the roads.
Maintained by -
KCB 21.00 Kms
MES 15.00 Kms
PWD 0.90 Kms
PMC 2.25 Kms
TOTAL 39.15 Kms
Khadki Cantonment Board provides conservancy services in the Civil Area, Military Area and Ammunition Factory Area. Services to the Military and Ammunition Factory areas are provided under an Agreement.
  1. In order to ensure the sanitation in the Cantonment area, the Board, on their strength, have maximum number of staff including one Health Superintendent, four Sanitary Inspectors, eleven Sanitary Mukadams and 402 Safaikarmacharis. KCB have almost 17 vehicles including one Bulk Refuse Carrier and 04 Dumper Placer for lifting and disposal of the garbage. The KCB have a trenching ground in Kasarwadi where the organic waste is disposed off through vermi composting processes and inorganic waste is disposed off in the conventional manner.
  2. Suction Vehicle : The KCB, for the convenience of the general public, provides a suction vehicle of 4000 litres capacity on a nominal payment of Rs.150/- per trip. The liquid waste is disposed off through the Sewerage Treatment Plant.
  3. Mobile Toilet : Two Mobile Toilets are being provided by the KCB whenever there is a requirement for the same on account of functions and social gatherings.
  4. Slaughter House : The KCB maintains a Slaughter House where the Veterinary Doctor of the Cantonment Board ensures post-mortem inspection whereas the Veterinary Doctor of the State Government undertakes anti-mortem inspection. A Delivery Van is operated by the KCB free of cost for transportation of the meat to the stalls in the Bazar area. The KCB has provided Vermiculture Project and Effluent treatment Plant for the solid and liquid waste disposal generated in the Slaughter House.
  5. Burial/Cremation Ground : One Burial Ground and two Cremation Grounds for Hindu, one each at Khadki Bazaar and East Khadki, two Burial Grounds for Christians & Muslims are maintained by the KCB where proper maintenance & security is provided.

Provided by
Khadki Cantt. Board In civil area
Khadki Cantt. Board under agreement In army and Ordnance Factory area
Value of Agreement
With Station Headquarters Rs.439 lakhs
With Ammunition Factory Rs.580 lakhs
Khadki Cantonment Board is having 77 No. of borewell hand pumps, 27 bore well electric power pumps, 1 open well electric power pump. Water is lifted from these 4 sources & supplied to gardens, toilets, tanker filling, quarters etc.
Corporation has built a water reservoir of 25 lakh liter for Khadki Citizens. It is distributed in civil area and partly bungalow area. Waitagwadi, Sangamwadi and Sapras are getting water from Bund Garden Reservoir of Corporation.
For Range Hills area, A.F.K. is distributing water from A.F.K. reservoir which in turn sources water from Corporation’s Chattur Shrungi water reservoir
512 Unit is getting water from Bhosari MIDC using Mula river hanging bridge.
Khadki Cantonment Board is also providing water container of 3000 liters capacity to Khadki residents at Rs 400 / container for domestic use. Also, cantonment board is providing water tanker of 5000 liters capacity @ Rs. 500 / tanker for drinking purpose i.e.  domestic use and Rs 1000 / tanker for construction purpose i.e. non domestic use

Electrical department H.O.D.:- Shri S.V. Patil Diploma in Electrical Engineering.. Patil Diploma in Electrical Engineering.
Other technical staff 15
Khadki Cantonment Board is having 3000 conventional street lights which will be converted into LED street lighting upto March 2018. The estimated cost for the same is around Rs 2.63 crores.
Khadki Cantonment Board has received sanction for installation of 260 KWP roof top Solar PV Power Plant on Cantonment fund buildings such as Cantonment Board Office Building, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Cantonment General Hospital Building.
Khadki Cantonment Board has replaced 3232 conventional (HPSV) street lights with LED street light in F.Y. 2018 2019. Electricity savings achieved 30%.
Khadki Cantonment Board has also installed260 KWP rooftop solar PV Power Generation Systems on cantonment buildings like office, Dr. Babasaheb Cantonment General Hospital, Lal Bahadur Shastri High School, Jijamata Primary School
CCTV cameras have been installed in all schools, office and Khadki bazaar area.
Civil Area
Khadki Cantonment Board School
Khadki Cantonment Board Office
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Cantonment General Hospital Premises
Total CCTV Cameras installed
KCB maintains a Fire Brigade with three Tendals, eight Firemen and three Drivers who work round-the-clock for fire fighting. The Board's Fire Brigade goes to the rescue of the public not only in fire fighting but also in cases of house collapse, fall of trees and other natural calamities.
Fire Tendal 01
Firemen 12
Drivers 03
Maintained by KCB – 12200 RMT underground sewage system
Annual Budget – Rs 210 lakhs approx.
The length of the drains maintained by Khadki Cantonment Board is 40,000 rft (approx) most of which have already been converted into closed drains in the recent years. An amount of Rs.210 lacs (approx) is spent by the Board annually on drain maintenance.
The Cantonment Board maintains two Sewerage Treatment Plants of 8.0 MLD & 1.2 MLD respectively in the Bazar area and East Khadki area for treatment and disposal of sewerage. With the treated water, a garden is maintained in the nearby Burial Ground. The sludge is converted into manure through drying beds.

Public Toilets & Urinals
Public Toilets 45 places
Public Urinals 21 places
Annual Budget Rs.15 lakhs approx.
Khadki Cantonment Board is maintaining 45 sets of Public Toilets and 21 sets of Public Urinals all of which have been converted into water-borne system. Recently the Board has undertaken the work of conversion of some of the most-used public toilets into Sulabh Shauchalayas (pay and use scheme) at the cost of Rs. 30 lacs sanctioned by the GOC-in-C, SC, Pune out of Cantonment funds. All the toilets and urinals are well maintained and the Board spends a sum of Rs. 25 to 30 lacs annually on this account.
Marriage Registration
Khadki Cantonment Board is working on behalf of State Government for Marriage Registration. For this purpose, following information / documents are required.
  1. Husband & Wife's documents
    1. Rationing Card / Passport / Aadhar Card
    2. 3 Photos of Husband & wife each
    3. Marriage Invitation Card (Patrika)
    4. School Leaving / Birth Certificate
    5. Joint affidavit of Husband & Wife's
  2. Witnesses: -
    Three persons who will be witnesses from both the sides are required to submit the following documents
    1. Rationing Card / Aadhar Card
    2. Identity Proof: - Pan Card / Voter ID Card / Service ID Card
    3. 2 Photos of all three witnesses
All the above documents are to be submitted by the interested parties. They have to get Application form 'Form - D' from Khadki Cantonment Board office on cash payment of Rs. 105/-
After submission of all the documents, within 7 working days, the documents will be verified and after successful verification of documents the Registar gives the appointment. The same is conveyed telephonically.
Dissemination Of Information
Khadki Cantonment Board has provided the facility of news papers at several points in the Cantonment area. In addition Fourteen Colour TVs have also been made available to the General Public, one for each Electoral Ward.
  1. Public Gardens : 13 Public Gardens are maintained by the KCB in the Cantonment area, including Range Hills area where the Ammunition Factory, Khadki Quarters are situated. Maintenance and security of gardens are got carried out by private agencies under agreement.
  2. There are five Gymnasiums installed by the KCB within the Cantonment area for the welfare of the residents living in the Cantonment area.
  3. Ghats : Ghats : The KCB maintains one Ghat at the bank of Mula river in the Khadki Bazar area and two in East Khadki. During Ganesh Festival immersion of idols takes place in this Ghats on Mula river.
  4. Markets : The KCB maintains a Business Centre wherein 65 shops are run besides 12 Offices. The annual revenue from the Shops & Offices is of the order of Rs.1,24,01,662/-. 415 shops/stalls are maintained by the KCB in the Khadki Bazar and Range Hills area, the annual revenue from which is of the order of Rs.38,89,622/-
  5. Mangal Karyalayas : For the welfare of the general public, the KCB maintains two Mangal Karyalayas, one each in Khadki Bazar and East Khadki area. The charges for occupation of Mangal Karyalayas are as under.
    Khadki Cantonment Board is having two nos of Mangal Karyalaya, i) Ram Mangal Karayalaya at Khadki Bazar Area and ii) Sai-prasad Managal Karyalaya at East Khadki .
  6. Cattle Shed :The KCB maintains two Cattle Sheds, one each at Gawaliwada and Sapras, East Khadki for the welfare of the general public. Bore wells and bulk water supply is available in the Cattle Sheds.
  7. Animal Care :The KCB engages a Veterinary Doctor on honorarium to ensure basic animal care and also sterilization and vaccination of dogs. Many residents of the Cantonment area are being benefited.
  8. Dhobi Ghat :The KCB maintains two Dhobi Ghats which are properly maintained for the benefit of the washermen.
  9. Dissemination of Information :The Board maintains one Public Library and 37 Reading Rooms where newspapers are made available to the public.
  10. Swabhiman CA day care center has been started w.e.f. 1/4/2014 called "Swabhiman" center for differently abled children with 20 special children enrolled. The center works in two shifts, 10 children in morning shift & 10 in the afternoon shift. There are two special teachers appointed to take care of the children along with Ayah, 2 helpers & 2 Physiotherapist.

While all efforts have been made to make the contents of this website as authentic as possible, the Khadki Cantonment Board will not be responsible for any loss to any person caused by any shortcoming, defect or inaccuracy in the information available on Website. Any discrepancy found may be brought to the notice of the Board.
Khadki Cantonment Board,
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Cariappa Road,
Khadki Pune 411003
Phone: 020-25810661
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