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Khadki Cantonment is one of the oldest Cantonments in India, having its own place in history. On 5th November 1817, the battle of Khadki (Khadki) was fought between the Marathas and the British on the ground covering the present day town. It was established in the year 1817. Khadki Cantonment covers an area of 3207.3394 acres of land. In 1939,when the Second World War began, Khadki was called the Home Of Ordnance since both the Khadki Arsenal and the I.A.O.C. School were located here.

Khadki Cantonment has a varied mix of important units and establishments, like, BEG and Centre, CAFVD, 512 Army Base Workshop, College of Military Engineering, an Ammunition Factory and a High Explosives Factory. New AU & RC, which is Archival Unit of Defence Estates, Southern Command is under construction.

Khadki is a Class I Cantonment (Population 70399) located at a height of 559.91 M. above the sea level having a moderate climate.

The general vision of the KCB is discharging all functions and Performing all duties as required under the Cantonments Act, 2006 and any other Law for the time being in force to the optimum satisfaction of the end users, the general public, subject of course, to the complete compliance with the provisions of the LAW of the land.
To educate and persuade the staff of the KCB about their law bound duties and the need for their performing the same with due diligence and utmost devotion so as to leave no or little room for the general public to remind them of their duties and complain about their failure to perform the same.
Similarly to educate and persuade the general public about the duties they are bound by law to perform in greater public interest so that the officers/officials of the KCB get no or less opportunity to resort to legal recourse to enforce Law.
One who has the right to complain about the cleanliness of the dust-bin shall be made aware of his corresponding duty not to let the garbage litter around the dustbin but to dump it in the dustbin only.
  • To uphold the true values of Democracy and eliminate the illusive existence of the ruled and the rulers.
  • To ensure clean and green environment in the Cantonment area.
  • To strive to be the best among equals as Municipal Service providers.
  • To promote the welfare of residents of all ages and stages viz. children, youth and elders.
  • To strive for excellence in the upkeep of general health and sanitation.
At the outset, I would like to extend my warm greetings to all residents of the Khadki Cantonment.
Khadki Cantonment Board is undertaking various development works in order to improve the environment & surroundings within the cantonment. It has & shall always be our unflinching endeavour to be more, accessible, transparent and make Khadki a place to be proud of.

With best wishes.
Brig. M. J. Kumar SM
Khadki Cantonment Board
Khadki Cantonment Board is engaged in the task of maintenance and improvement of civic amenities for residents of the Cantonment area.It has been the Board's endeavour to take care of public health, maintain and beautify Public Parks and improve hygiene and sanitation.
The Board will strive to fulfill its statutory responsibilities and provide better quality of life to the inhabitant's of the Cantonment.
I seek co-operation of the residents of Khadki Cantonment and their area representatives for their active participation towards making the Cantonment a better place to live in

With best wishes.
Pramod Kumar Singh
Chief Executive Officer
Khadki Cantonment Board


From 1992-93 various schemes have been introduced with a view to recognize and reward the freedom fighters, meritorious service of officials, social workers, sports personalities and such other leading citizens of Khadki. Every Year on Republic Day, the President of the Cantonment Board honours a galaxy of personalities with Sreefal, a special Memento of KCB, a Shawl and a Citation. The Board has instituted awards for five best workers to felicitate the Safai-Karmacharis who form the backbone of the Sanitation department


On the Teachers' Day, all the teachers of Cantonment schools are felicitated with a Sreefal, Memento and a small gift. Best Teacher Awards are given to teachers of meritorious service, one each from all Primary and High Schools in the Cantonment. From 1994-95, teachers belonging to all the schools (both private & Cantonment Board) have been included in the general educational standards of Khadki schools


All the angels of health (Nurses of the Cantonment General Hospital) are felicitated and the Best Nurse Award is given with a Gift, a Memento and a Certificate.


Scholarship of Rs 1000 per month is provided by the board to girl students of std 10 to pursue immediately next higher education qualification subject to their producing proof of their joining recognised educational institution. KCB also provides Bicycles to the girls students from all the High Schools who resides 2 kms away & secured 75% and above marks and 90% and above attendance. From 2017 onwards, boys students fulfilling the above criteria are also provided bicycles.


The Board has resolved that inter-school competitions be held among all the schools located in the Cantonment area with a view to provide a good exposure of students to extra curricular activities from the academic year 1994-95. The various competitions include an Inter-School Sports Meet, an Elocution Competition, an Essay Competition and a Drawing competition.


The Board maintains a public library in the Bazaar area in addition to the libraries maintained in the Board’s schools. Newspapers and magazines are provided daily at 37 points in the reading rooms by the Cantonment. 14 Colour TV Sets have been provided in 08 wards for the benefit of the public.


The Board has identified several vacant sites suitable for development as public gardens/children’s park. After completing the civil works in these sites, through contractors, they have been entrusted to a private Horticulturist for development and maintenance. This has resulted in effective maintenance of 13 gardens at a low cost.


The Board had engaged a private contractor for providing the security of the Mangal Karyalayas on an experimental basis. It was observed that they were doing very satisfactory job at extremely reasonable rates. Hence it was decided by the Board to engage the services of the various contractors for providing security services for other Cantonment properties like the Cantonment Hospital, Schools, Sewage Treatment Plant and Burial/Cremation Ground.


The Cantonment is maintaining TWO Sewage Treatment Plants as part of underground sewage system in Khadki on the bank of Mula river. It consists of Pump house, aeration tank, clarifier, post aeration, sludge drying beds, etc., constructed at a cost of Rs.112 lakhs. It is maintained through contract. The treated water is mostly used for gardening purposes in the nearby Burial grounds and through water tankers for roadside plants.


All the street lights in the Cantonment area are maintained by electrical staff & contract every year. The work of replacement of old street light poles with new modern / aesthetic poles is in progress from improvement of street lights. Gardens in Khadki Caontonment Board are also well lit by lights.


All the Class III staff are paid their salaries only through their Bank A/Cs. and the pensioners are also paid through their bank accounts. Group Insurance Scheme of the LIC has been introduced and is in effect w.e.f. 12-3-1990 covering around 500 employees of the Cantonment


Every year Pune celebrates Ganpati festival in a grand style by decorating Ganpati Pandals with social themes and religious fervour. Khadki Cantonment has instituted awards for best 3 mandals. They are usually distributed on the Republic Day.


To facilitate easy and timely disbursal of pension amount every month, a separate Pension Fund with an investment of Rs.3 crores has been established now. The interest on this investment plus the statutory transfer of Cantonment Fund would be sufficient to take care of pension liabilities. Salary and pension are paid through bank account transfers every month in many cases.


As per the decisions of the Board and with the approval of Command Headquarters, many educational institutions are granted financial aids on request. Every year, the following grants-in-aid are released.


Pune Home for Blinds

- Rs.1000/-


District Probation & after care association

- Rs.1000/-


Suptdt. Regional Mental Hospital Pune

- Rs.1750/-


The Municipal Comissioner Pune Municipal Corporation

- Rs.6000/-


Two factories viz. Ammunition Factory and High Explosive Factory are in Khadki Cantonment having the residential quarters of their employees in the Range Hills area within the Cantonment on the land classified as A-1 Land. Cantonment Board has been rendering usual services i. e removal and disposal of garbage from the Factory land only so far. From the end of 1995-96, a comprehensive agreement has been concluded to cover the conservancy services like street cleaning, drain cleaning and garbage removal/disposal and the allied services and the Ordnance Factory authorities have agreed to reimburse the entire establishment expenditure. It has resulted in vast improvement of the area and the Board has shouldered a major responsibility in the interest of its residents and set a new trend.


Khadki Cantonment Board celebrates Hindi Pakhwada in the month of September of every year to promote the use of Hindi language in official work. In this event KCB arranges different competitions such as Essay writing, Report Writing, Antakshari, Workshop etc. to promote maximum use of Hindi
Khadki Cantonment Board is a Class 1 cantonment board having 3207.3394 acers of land, which is divided in 1278 Survey Numbers & 8 electoral wards.
Civil Area - 141.8763 Acers
Outside Civil Area - 3065.4631 Acers
Total Area - 3207.3394 Acers

Land :
In the Cantonment Land Administration Rules, 1937, the land within the Cantonment is classified as under :
Sr. No. Class of land Description
1. ‘A-1’ Land under the occupation of Armed Forces
2. ‘A-2’ Land not actually used/occupied by Armed Forces but reserved for them.
3. ‘B-1’ Land in occupation of any Central Government Department other than Defence Department
4. ‘B-2’ Land in occupation of State Government
5. ‘B-3’
6. ‘B-4’
7. ‘C’

Note : For the convenience of the general public, the General Land Register containing the names of lessees/Holders of Occupancy Rights and other details are available on line. Search on the basis of House No.
The other important information about lands is as follows
1. Properties held on Lease hold terms under the management of Cantonment Board are 259.
2. Properties held on Old Grant terms under the management of Cantonment Board are 489.
3. Properties held on Free hold terms are 7.
Demographic profile (As per 2011 Census)
Total Population - 70399, including military population

Institutional Profile

Defence Units

Bombay Engineering Group & Center (BEG & Center), 512 Army Base Workshop, Central Armed Forces Vehicle Depot (C.A.F.V.D.), Controllerate of Quality Assurance (C.Q.A.), Ammunition Factory, High Explosives Factory, Military Dairy Farm, College of Military Engineering. Archival Unit & Research Centre of Defence Estates, Southern Command, will coming up very soon near Cantonment Board Office. The work of this unit is in final stage.

Special Institutions & Places of Interest

Queen Mary’s Technical Institute (Training Physically Handicapped EX-servicemen), Paraplegic Home, Cheshire Home (for Spastic Children),Swabhiman - Day Care Centre run by Khadki Cantonment Board for Special Children, Methodist Church (100 years old), All Saints Church (175 years old), St. Ignatius Church (118 years old), Home Guards Training Centre, and International War Cemetery.

Educational Institutions

Post Graduation Degree College
Cantonment Board - 0 Private - 1
Degree College
Cantonment Board - 0 Private - 2
High Schools
Cantonment Board - 3 Private - 10
Primary Schools
Cantonment Board - 5 Private - 16


Sr. No.Name of School/CollegeTypeContact No.
A. Cantonment Board Schools
1.Lal Bahadur Shashtri High School, Khadki Bazaar(KCB)8550998773 / 25814658
2.Lokmanya Tilak High School, East Khadki(KCB)8550998772
3.Dr. Zakir Hussain Urdu High School, Khadki(KCB)8550998774 / 25811288
4.Maj. R.R. Rane Primary School, Sangamwadi(KCB)9850123988
5.Jijamata Primary School(KCB)9763310368 / 25820368
6.Col. Binney Primary School(KCB)9096240921
7.Moledina Urdu Primary School(KCB)8446133687
8.Col. Bhagat English Medium School(KCB)8600242638
B.Private Schools & Other Govt. Operated Schools
1.All Saints Primary School, KhadkiPrivate9850717380 / 9850721297
2.All Saints High School, Khadki.Private9850717380 / 9850721297
3.Alegaonkar Primary School, Khadki.Private9822626410
4.Alegaonkar High School, Khadki.Private9028506646 / 9766792169
5.Army School, Primary BEG & Centre, Khadki.Govt.7757044937 / 8087049852
6.Army High School, BEG & Centre, Khadki.Govt.7757044937 / 8087049852
7.Gulubai Muluk Irani High School, Khadki.Private9763208115 / 8857858547
8.Garrison Primary School, Khadki.Govt.8956067830 / 9423401497
9.Garrison High School, KhadkiGovt.8956067820
10.J.S. Tyagi Memorial School, (Indian Education Academy Khadki)Govt.9623077117
11.Kendriya Vidyalaya, BEG & Centre, KhadkiGovt.8698838269 / 2020271665
12.Kendriya Vidyalaya, Range Hills.Govt.25814712 / 9850414881
13.Military Farm Primary School,Khadki.Govt.9096768213
14.Military Farm High School, Khadki.Govt.9096768213
15.Range Hills English School, Range Hills.Govt.9881798559
16.Range Hills Primary School, Range Hills.Govt.9881798559
17.Range Hill Secondary School, Range Hills.Govt.25813273
18.St. Joseph Boy’s Pre Primary School, Khadki.Private25818041
19.St. Josepsh Boy’s Primary School, Khadki.Private25818041
20.St. Joseph Boy’s High School, Khadki.Private25818041
21.St. Joseph Convent Primary / High School,Khadki.Private9767025810
22.St. John Primary School, Khadki.Private9422342644
23.St. Thomas Primary School, Khadki.Private9960428089
24.St. Thomas High School,Khadki.Private9423582854
25.SVS Primary School, Khadki.Private9963234440 / 9422331492 / 25812351
26.SVS High School, Khadki.Private
27.SVS Tamil Medium School, Khadki.Private7588342462
1.Tikaram Jagannath Junior College, Kasam Ali Jumbo Marg, KhadkiPrivate
2.Alegoankar Junior College, Kasam Ali Jumbo Marg, KhadkiPrivate
3.Dr Zakir Hussain Urdu High School Khadki Kasam Ali Jumbo Marg , Khadki (KCB) KCB8550998774
1.Tikaram Jagannath College, Kasam Ali Jumbo Marg, Khadki Private
2.Alegaonkar Junior College Kasam Ali Jumbo Marg , KhadkiPrivate
1.Symbiosis College Private
List of Hospitals in Khadki Cantonment Limit & No. of Beds
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Cantonment General Hosp. 100 Beds
Military Hosp. 881 Beds
Ordnance Factories Hosp. 150 Beds
Jijamata Maternity Home 06 Beds
Sanjeevan Maternity Home 15 Beds
Sai Nursing Home 12 Beds
S.M. Joshi Charitable Trust Hospital NA
Dhadwad Hospital NA

While all efforts have been made to make the contents of this website as authentic as possible, the Khadki Cantonment Board will not be responsible for any loss to any person caused by any shortcoming, defect or inaccuracy in the information available on Website. Any discrepancy found may be brought to the notice of the Board.
Khadki Cantonment Board,
17, Field Marshall,
Cariappa Road,
Khadki Pune 411003
Phone: 020-25810661
Email: ceokirkee@gmail.com
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